January 5, 2021 – Update to our COVID Policy

The omicron variant of COVID, which is currently the most prevalent circulating strain of COVID, is highly transmissible/contagious.  We hope that you will come to shul, but please be fully aware of the potential risk of transmission, regardless of precautions taken and vaccination status.  Do not come if you are uncomfortable doing so, in which case we hope you will attend services via streaming/Zoom instead.  We strive to reduce the risk of transmission by everyone’s adherence to the following rules/procedure while in the building.

  • Temple Beth-El requires that all those who are eligible and are 5 years of age and older be fully vaccinated in order to enter the building. Those who are 16 and older and eligible must have received the COVID booster as well. As soon as it is recommended that younger persons receive a booster, they must also have received the booster in order to enter Temple Beth-El.  (We will rely upon the honor system, will not require proof of vaccination/booster at the door; we trust that everyone will consider the well-being of fellow congregants, many of whom may be at high risk of significant illness.)

Although you have been vaccinated/boosted, the following rules still apply:

  • Masking of everyone will be required and enforced at all times while inside the building.  Masks will be readily available at the door if you have forgotten yours.
  • Although distancing will not be required/enforced, you may certainly distance according to your level of comfort.  Again, we must always be mindful of others and their comfort/health.
  • If you have previously been exposed to someone who has tested positive for or had symptoms of COVID, you must have a negative COVID test 5-7 days after last exposure before coming to shul.
  • If you have recently had COVID infection, or have symptoms suggestive of COVID, you must wait 10 days from the time of symptom onset before removal from isolation and coming to Temple.   Please obtain a test if you develop symptoms concerning for COVID.
  • If you test positive for COVID within a few days of having been in the building, we ask that you inform TBE.  Again, please obtain a test if you develop symptoms concerning for COVID.

Participants may come up on the bimah, the Torah processional may proceed, but the reader/chanter on the bimah must be masked as well unless he/she is alone or distanced from others on the bimah.

Finally, our committee recommends that all indoor food and beverage service be discontinued until further notice due to the prevalence and transmissibility of Covid.  Outdoor food service and “To-Go” are still allowed so long as people outdoors mask when not actively eating and practice social distancing.