October 27, 2021 – Update to our Reopening Policy

There has been a  rapid decline in Covid 19 cases, positivity rates, and hospitalizations over the past month. Given that this disease will be with us for some time and that the rest of our community has been successful with decreasing restrictions, our committee makes the following recommendations.

1.Open Services up to full attendance.

2. Vaccination is mandatory for anyone over 12 . People younger than twelve should remain seated in their “pods” with family members while in the main sanctuary unless leaving to go to class or restroom. Children’s classrooms and Kid’s zone can reopen for all those under 12 and anyone who feels comfortable .  We are hopeful that vaccinations will soon be available for children 5-12.

3. Social distancing is optional. Those who prefer to distance can sit in the back or in the balcony.

4. All Congregants and guests must continue to mask.

5. Those on the Bimah must mask as well.  However, participants in the service may now stand on the bimah together without distancing (all may be near the Torah/ reader).

6. An exception to mandatory masking is that when one is alone on the Bimah, the speaker/ reader can take off the mask.

7. Torah processional can resume. Members can choose whether or not to approach the Torah.

8. Food service can resume. No masking while eating or drinking.

9. We ask all members and guests to notify TBE if they test positive after being in the Temple.

10. Minyan may resume in the chapel. Masking is mandatory. If zoom is not available in the chapel we recommend Minyan remain in Sanctuary.

11. We recommend all programming be made available by zoom.

12. Meetings, and study groups can resume in person with zoom availability.