X-Men-Graduation-Photo-e1350396532829Mutants. Just the word adds intrigue and excitement. As a young boy my father introduced me to the marvelous world of X-Men. Created by comic book legends Stan Lee (born Stanley Martin Lieber, yes he is Jewish) and Jack Kirby, the X-Men are mutants, humans born with superhuman abilities. In their story line they learn to control and make use of their powers at a school run by a man known as Professor Charles Xavier (hence their title). Perhaps the notion that attracted me to this group and has held my attention even today has been that their struggles and adventures are the perfect metaphor for the “other.”

The Jewish people are no stranger to being the “other.” We too have had struggles and have had to overcome a world that does not always understand who we are. It is with that notion that I joined the rabbinate and became the educator I am today. While I do not strive to have a school or a band of spandex wearing sidekicks named after me, I do hope to equip the young minds in our community with the tools to connect and define their Jewish identity. That is what I and my fabulous faculty strives to accomplish with our religious school program.

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