This year, we have a special opportunity for a unique form of experiential education. Teen Foundation is a great post B’nai Mitzvah experiential learning cohort. Teens, gather to explore different not-for-profits in our city doing great work. Then they raise funds and make a major donation to their favorite organization.

On some of the meeting dates, the confirmation class will be joining the Teen Foundation for special opportunities. As such, confirmation class will not be meeting those mornings.


About this year’s Confirmation class schedule from Rabbi Stephen:

What are we doing this year with Confirmation? 

None of our current confirmation students are being confirmed this year. However, we are running a modified confirmation schedule so students are basically getting two years of Confirmation class! This is because our Confirmands are also taking part in the Teen Foundation that Temple Emanu-El is running. This is a top-notch, social justice oriented, active, group learning opportunity. However, we cannot ask the kids to come at 9:30 and stay until 3 pm every Sunday! So, each week that there is a Teen Foundation, we are encouraging the teens to go to the Teen Foundation in the afternoon, beginning at 1 pm. This is  a special opportunity to be part of a self-directed group of teens learning about how to put ideals of the Hebrew prophets into practice today based on close observation of local not for profits. These occur roughly monthly.


Why does the schedule seem to change all of the time?

When there is no Teen Foundation, then the Confirmands meet with Rabbi Stephen on Sundays, at the synagogue between 9:30-11:30 am in a small group for study of the Hebrew Prophets. When there is Teen Foundation, they meet at 1 pm at a location off site.


Will the students also be meeting with Rabbi Slater for in-depth Torah study? 

Yes, the students will be meeting with him throughout this new year. However, in keeping with contemporary educational theory, they are also going off site for expanded learning opportunities.


Why are the students meeting off site for field trips?

In using the active learning techniques, we are following the Constructivist pedagogical approach. In order to do some kind of community service together with the Rabbi, the teens have also been heading out to Brother Bryan Park to help clean it and learn about the issues facing our neighborhood here in Five Points South. The kind of learning that is done off site is also very powerful.