Music & Youth Director Sarah Metzger leads the music, mayhem and fun-filled frenzy of weekend programs.

 ❒ Rhythmic Service ❒ Nusach, Newer Sach and Old Sach ❒ Games ❒ Jewish Music Concert ❒

This is a special weekend of teaching, singing, performing and community building facilitated by our in-house musician Sarah Metzger with support from our musical lay leaders. Song lifts up our spirits to God. Song plays an essential role in our congregation’s life. There is nothing like singing together in a room full of people who are all singing. On this special Shabbat, we are going to take the weekend to explore the many dimensions of song in the spiritual life of our community. We will be experimenting with new songs and rhythms, different modalities of prayer and alternative prayer spaces, and learning about specific aspects of prayer. We believe that this Shabbaton can launch a renewed focus on how we sing together, taking us to the next level in terms of communal song.

The Shabbaton’s Jewcer campaign is now live! It was designed specifically in support of this event, so check it out!

Weekend Schedule

6:30 pm, Thursday, Jan. 23

A workshop will be held for lay leaders and the aspiring SHaTZ (Shaliach Tzibur – prayer leader) that will cover the following topics:

  • How to effectively lead prayer
  • How to create moments of meaning within a prayer space
  • Knowing when and how to add harmony (basic elements of music theory will be introduced and practiced here)

Friday, Jan. 24

5 pm – Wine and cheese pre-neg (aka pre-Oneg)

Small Fri Shabbat for young children (and their grown-ups)

5:45 pm – Kabbalat Shabbat in the round, followed by Oneg

Saturday, Jan. 25

9:30 am – A musical Shabbat morning service (with percussion!)

Noon – Lunch, followed by a variety of programs to help you LEARN, MOVE, REST and PLAY.


Rabbi Stephen: Silence

Bethany Slater: Kavannah

Sharron Swain: Finding your Voice


Cindy May: Yoga Basics

Ashley McDurff Clark: Urban Mindfulness Hike


Nan Unkenholz: Yoga Nidra

Caryn Corenblum: The Wheel of Awareness – a tool to expand the container of consciousness

SPA and quiet area: rest and lay down, nap


Barry Dreayer: Who can beat Barry in Sports Trivial Pursuit

Mah Jongg and Bridge for men and women

4:30 pm – seudah shlishit (third meal) and shabbat shira – a joyful, free-flowing song session


5:30 pm – Havdala

6 pm – Party Time! Dancing, singing, drinking, new Jewish music and food

Sponsored in part by the Ostrovsky Music Education Fund and the Rabbi Culpepper & Irby Cohen Performing Arts Fund of the Temple Beth-El Foundation. To support this program and our musical community, click here.