Rabbi Norry’s Beit Midrash: Five Remarkable Objects in the Bible

This Fall, Rabbi Norry will lead the Beit Midrash through a class on “Five Remarkable Objects in the Bible.” Discover a new way to read Torah by looking at remarkable objects that appear in the story line. While most people focus on the characters in the stories, we often overlook an object – a thing – that plays an important role and drives the story forward. We will adopt an artistic, or curatorial approach, and ask “what is it,” “what is it made of,” “where is it,” and “when does it appear in the story?” “Is it a singular object or are there a lot of them?” “What became of it?” “Where is it now?”

The Beit Midrash begins September 30th and meets every week, for five weeks, from 12-1PM via Zoom.

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My Jewish Year Book + Holiday Club

Are you looking to engage with the Jewish holidays in new and creative ways? Are you interested in developing a deeper understanding of the Jewish calendar? Would you like a group of people to learn, observe, and celebrate with for this coming year?

On September 1st we will be holding an interest meeting for a year-long book and holiday club. The book is My Jewish Year: 18 Holidays, One Wondering Jew by Abigail Pogrebin. Over the course of the year (September 2021-September 2022) this group will be reading through the book, learning about each holiday and engaging in them together.

Email Margaret Norman at mnorman@templebeth-el.net or Mandy Parente at mandyparente@gmail.com if you are interested in joining!

From Sephard to Savannah and Beyond: Southern Jewish Cooking and Culture

Join us for a virtual educational cooking series with University of Minnesota PhD student Sara Gardner! This three week series covers the following topics:

October 10th – Sephardic Savannah
October 17th – Ashkenazi Delta
October 24th – Jewish Soul Food

Recipes will be provided upon registration. Don’t miss this chance to cook, learn, and meet participants from congregations across the country. *We ask that you consider making a donation of $18 to your host institution (Temple Beth El) for participation in this program! Donate here and put “SAJE” in the payment notes: https://meetyouatbethel.shulcloud.com/payment.php

This program is hosted by the Southern Alliance for Jewish Education (SAJE). 

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