Shul as School

Synagogue should be a place of learning. The Yiddish term for synagogue, shul means “school,” indicating that we should each be learning something every time that we enter. In that spirit, our “Shul as School” program attempts to help adults discover that Judaism offers a lifelong curriculum for living well. To that end, the Reading & Resource Room will now be stocked with ONE synagogue copy of a set of books that I am recommending you read this year. Whenever you enter our building, feel free to stop by the reading room to look over a copy. You are welcome to take a book with you to services; just please return it to the shelf when you are done. Over this coming year, I will be reviewing these books from time to time. I have categorized them by areas of interest: Jewish Spirituality, Leadership, Social Action, Interfaith, etc. If you are part of the TBE or TBEF Board, please purchase and read some of the books on the Leadership bookshelf, so that we can be leading together in the same direction.

Rabbi Stephen

Books for Every Jew’s Library

The Jewish Way – Rabbi Irving Greenberg

God in Search in of Man by Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel

This is Real and You are Totally Unprepared by Rabbi Alan Lew

The Sabbath by Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel

The Sabbath Soul: Mystical Reflections on the Transformative Power of Holy time by Eitan Fishbane


Introduction to Judaism

Introduction to Judaism from the Miller Program in Los Angeles

Introduction to Biblical Hebrew by Randall Buth w/ MP3 CD


For Jewish Leadership Training

Next Generation Judaism by Rabbi Mike Uram

Spirituality of Welcoming by Dr. Ron Wolfson

Adaptive Leadership by Ron Cheifetz

Empowered Judaism by Joey Weisenberg



Meet the Rabbis by Brad H. Young


For Social Action and Teens

There Shall Be No Needy by Rabbi Jill Jacobs

To Heal a Fractured World by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks