Birmingham, AL – World-renowned AIDS researcher Dr. Michael Saag of the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) will participate in a panel discussion titled “Confronting Healthcare Accessibility in America,” focusing on Jewish belief and practice, healthcare delivery and policy, and preventive medicine.

Panelists include Dr. David Becker of the UAB School of Health and Rabbi Randall Konigsburg of Temple Beth-El. Moderated by Dr. Monika Safford of UAB Department of Preventative Medicine, the discussion will explore how Jewish ethics might inform the practice and delivery of healthcare in today’s world. Participants will discuss the challenges and opportunities in confronting healthcare accessibility through their wide-ranging experiences.

The program begins at 3:30 pm, Nov. 22, at Temple Beth-El, 2179 Highland Ave. S., Birmingham, AL 35205. A reception with panelists and guests will follow. The event is free and open to the public.

Dr. Saag is director of the Division of Infectious Disease at UAB and has extensive experience as a healthcare provider working to increase healthcare access for AIDS patients. Dr. Becker is Director of the doctoral program in the Healthcare Organization and Policy department at UAB’s School of Public Health. Becker’s research focuses on Medicare fraud and abuse, malpractice pressures, and the role of financial incentives in healthcare quality. Rabbi Konigsburg is senior rabbi at Temple Beth-El, bringing expertise in the areas of pastoral care and Jewish ethics to the discussion. Dr. Safford, the program moderator, is an expert in the provision of healthcare to underserved populations and is the recent recipient of a National Institute of Health (NIH) grant aimed at the provision of healthcare in Alabama’s Black Belt.

This program is sponsored by the Temple Beth-El Foundation. For more information, contact Temple Beth-El Executive Director Bob Greenberg at 205.933.2740.