June 1, 2021

Do not separate yourself from the community.
– Hillel, Pirkei Avot 2:4

The TBE Reopening Committee is delighted to announce that we have adopted the below recommendations from our medical advisory board as official TBE policy:
1. We strongly encourage all Temple Beth El members who are eligible to get vaccinated.
2. Vaccinated congregants are free to attend any functions without any specific mitigation procedures.
3. Non-vaccinated members, and children under 12 are also free to attend all TBE functions. For their own safety, they should social distance and mask. We do not anticipate this will be difficult as many people are vaccinated and our facilities are spacious.
4. People who are uncomfortable attending, those immunocompromised, or others with special circumstances should make their own personal decision with the advice of their health care providers.
This policy is effective immediately, and means that fully vaccinated congregants are no longer required to wear a mask or socially distance.
Minyan services may again be held in the chapel. If you are not yet vaccinated, please take into consideration the serious concerns of our immunocompromised fellow congregants who rely on us to help keep them safe. Individuals who wish to remain masked are encouraged to do so.
We wish to thank our medical advisory committee, consisting of Abe Schuster (chair), Jimmy Krell, Billy Lapidus, and Stuart Royal, for their many volunteer hours this past year carefully deliberating on the medical and scientific concerns of Covid transmission in order to advise our committee on best practices for TBE. We also wish to thank Morton Stern, Ron Froehlich, and Marvin Shelsky for their invaluable time.
The staff is now busy determining how/when we will be able to fully reopen, and our committee will reconvene as needed. We—along with the medical advisory committee and staff—thank you for your patience over the year.
Reopening Committee:
Naomi Ivker (chair), Fred Benjamin, Ed Fineberg, Shira Goldberg, and Joshua Richman