September 24, 2021 – Update to our Reopening Policy

Covid Policy effective September 24, 2021

As the pandemic continues to evolve, our committee recommends the following:

We recommend that every member continues to use their own judgement and the advice of their personal medical professionals to determine their level of participation in TBE services and events. We strongly encourage TBE to offer Zoom links for all services so that members can participate remotely. This is particularly true for daily minyan so members can say Kaddish remotely.
1. Attendance at all services and events can be increased to the maximum amount the main sanctuary can hold utilizing social distancing by pods. This should be between 90 and 120 depending on pod size. TBE staff can organize seating to ensure proper distancing.
2. All attendees must wear face coverings over their mouth and nose including service leaders and Torah readers.
3. All attendees who are eligible must be vaccinated. Unvaccinated children under 12 can attend but must remain with their family pod.
4. No food service at Shul other than outdoor “to-go” style packaged options.
5. Outdoor and offsite programs can take place with social distancing and masking. People should remain in pods. Food can be served as long as people are seated and in pods.
6. Habitat for Humanity program can take place with the same precautions as other programs.
7. There is insufficient evidence that COVID sniffing dogs are useful at this time. Our committee will continue to monitor the peer reviewed medical literature regarding this issue.

In any event,
Masking and Social Distancing: Masks should always be worn inside the Shul by all present and social distancing shall be required. This includes Clergy and others on the Bima during all Services. Torah reading, Aliyot, Sermons, etc. shall be done masked. Participation on the Bimah should be limited to provide social distancing between participants. People attending Services may sit with their family group and should social distance from everybody else.
Minyan shall take place in Temple Beth El’s main sanctuary. Masking and Social Distancing shall be required in all Minyan Services the same as any other Services.
All indoor food service shall be suspended at this time, subject to continuation in the future as this policy is revised. In consultation with Temple Beth El personnel, outdoor, appropriately distanced, food service may continue
Meetings. All Temple Beth El committee or other planning meetings and staff/employee meetings shall to the extent possible and practical be conducted virtually by use of Zoom or other virtual meeting platforms. Such meetings that cannot be conducted virtually shall require masking and social distancing to the extent possible.
Process to Change Policy. Recognizing that circumstances relating to the spread of Covid can change abruptly and are a constantly moving target, and in order to remain responsive and to be able to communicate to the Temple Beth El Congregation as quickly and effectively as possible, any Temple Beth El policy changes related to the Covid Pandemic, as determined by and agreed to by the Medical Advisory Board and the Covid Policy committee, may be implemented with the approval of the Temple Beth El Executive Committee and the Rabbi.
The Temple Beth El Health Advisory Committee strongly recommends that everybody over 12 gets vaccinated for Covid 19.