About Temple Beth-El’s Religious School:

The Talmud tells us, “The world endures only for the sake of the breath of school children.”(Shabbat 119b) What the rabbis of old said so long ago, we still believe. Our children and their studies are the foundation of our Jewish future. With that in mind, at Temple Beth-El Religious School our mission is to create active committed Conservative Jewish adults. We strive to touch our student’s souls, nurture their Jewish identities and foster a desire for continued connection and growth in the larger community. We adhere to the following principles:

  1. Integration of Judaism – We are the inheritors of an ancient tradition that has greatly impacted the world. We learn our history in order to build our future. Our children not only delve into the past, but connect to and implement Jewish practices into their daily lives.
  2. Hebrew and the Land of Israel – We strive to provide our students with the decoding skills and vocabulary necessary to participate fully in Jewish life. Simultaneously we create a feeling of connection to the ancient and modern State of Israel.
  3. Lifelong Learning – Our students are provided with the tools and skills to transcend the classroom. Equipped to take on new challenges as well as thirsty for more, students who matriculate through the system continue their learning beyond our sacred walls into adulthood.

With these principles guiding us, we feel confident that we can guide the next generation of active, committed Jewish adults.

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