Shavuot Begins the Evening of June 4th!


Erev Shavuot: Saturday June 4

Shavuot Day 1: Sunday June 5th

Day 1 services begin at 9:30AM. Yizkor will take place following the Torah service and we suggest you arrive by 10:30AM. 

See services page for all streaming options.

Shavuot Day 2: Monday June 6th

Day 2 services at 7:00AM. 

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Shavuot Sessions


Politics and Prudence with Daniel Levine

How are we to deal with ‘dark times’? Moses goes up to the mountain, and we have no one but ourselves, we are all alone; and the temptation is to panic, to make things worse — at least then we are not doing nothing! But in such times, one must sometimes cultivate something which the ancients called prudence. And so the discussion will focus on this — resources within Judaism for cultivating prudence, restraint, wisdom.

Welcoming the Stranger: Crafting inclusive rituals to honor life cycle + calendar events with Sharron Swain

While the Torah repeats dozens of times the commandment to welcome the stranger, and to remember that we were strangers, we don’t always know how to help friends or family members from different faith traditions feel truly at home and a part of the rituals we create. Join Sharron Mendel Swain, who grew up in an interfaith home and used to teach at Washington, DC’s Interfaith Families Project, for an exploration into welcoming and being welcomed in ways that can enrich our rituals, relationships and traditions.

The Energy of Hallelujah with Terri Heiman

What rivers or obstacles have you crossed in your life? How did you make it through? Honor your journey as we experience the elevated emotions that come in from this declaration of energy. Sound bowls.. meditation and experience Reiki energy.

Embracing Change and Transition (At All Stages of Life) with Esther Schuster and Aviva Goldberg

Self-Defense with Rabbi Norry

Explores the biblical examples of self defense and brings martial arts philosophy to Jewish living. Plus some practical hand to hand combat.

My Stomach is Kosher, but My Kitchen Isn’t: observing kashrut in modernity with Mandy Deavers

Round and Round We Go: The Cyclical Nature of Judaism with Mandy Deavers 

Why Ruth? Love, Legacy and Lessons from Shavuot with Julia Goldberg 

Learn what Ruth is truly about by looking back at earlier texts in the Torah.

Late Night Study Session with Rabbi Norry