Hello my name is Layla Goldis. I am 12 years old and I’m in seventh grade, I enjoy drawing, I play volleyball, and my Bat Mitzvah is in March. For my Bat Mitzvah project I have combined two things I love and made it into a way to help others and and also have an opportunity to share things that I love to to do! One thing I love to do is volleyball. The volleyball club that I play with, Alabama Performance, is a very talented, hard-working club. But the tuition for the club and all the uniforms costs adds up to a lot of money. I am very fortunate to have parents who can pay for me to play volleyball at this club. Not all people have parents who can provide this so I have decided to raise money to start a scholarship fund at my club. The money that I make from this fundraiser will go to girls who may not be able to pay for everything they need or meet their tuition every month.  I love volleyball and I want everyone who wants to be able to play at a very advanced club that teaches amazing things and helps you become better!

I also really enjoy drawing, and came up with the idea to make note cards that have some my drawings on them as a way to share my artwork. I am making a pack of eight cards with four different drawings. You can see some examples of my artwork below (the drawings on the cards will be different)! I have set a fundraising goal of $2000.00.

Donations in any amount towards the scholarship fund for my volleyball club will be greatly appreciated. All donations over $36 will receive a set of the note cards I am creating. If you would like to purchase extra sets of note cards, they are available for $25 each. If you are purchasing extra sets, please reply to this email or send a message to tamaragoldis@gmail.com with how many sets you would like. Donations will be accepted until March 19.


Donations can be sent the following ways:

Venmo- @oventotable

Checks made out to Tamara or Eric Goldis

Mailed to 3332 Faring Road Birmingham, AL 35223


Thank you so much for supporting my bat mitzvah project and helping me reach my fundraising goal to start the scholarship fund. I hope you enjoy my artwork on the cards too!