Sarah Metzger joined the Temple Beth-El staff in August of 2017 as the Music and Youth Director. Born with a song in her heart and tiny drumsticks in her hands (much to the discomfort of her mother), Sarah has been playing music for over 20 years and has performed with such Jewish rock stars as Rick Recht, Julie Silver and Neshama Carlebach. Sarah grew up in a small town in New Hampshire and could have been a pro snowboarder, but didn’t want to be a stereotype. ANOTHER Jewish left-handed professional snowboarder?? Oh no, she had other plans. After spending many summers at URJ Camp Harlam and several months in Israel, she eventually decided to pursue her Bachelor’s in Judaic studies from the University of Hartford. After earning her BA in 2010, Sarah has had the privilege of working with Jewish communities all over the country. Prior to coming to Alabama, she worked as the Director of Youth Engagement at Scarsdale Synagogue in Westchester County, New York. Sarah has been song-leading and working in the field of youth engagement for the past seven years and is absolutely thrilled about her expanded music role.

In her free time, Sarah enjoys playing tennis, rock climbing, learning how to play banjo and performing music and comedy around Birmingham. She lives in downtown Birmingham with her five beautiful instruments: Sebastian, McFly, Lenny, Steve Martin and Harrison. Click here to email Sarah.