What’s a TBE Village?

TBE members who want to meet and get together in small groups with other members who have a common interest. Villages have a facilitator/member and are self directed and time limited.  

Meet new people! Learn new skills! Get engaged in TBE!  Anyone with an interest can pull together a TBE Village. Do you have an interest that you’d like to share with others? Let us know what it is and we’ll help you set up a Village.

Reach out to Esther Schuster at estherschuster1951@gmail.com or Margaret Norman at mnorman@templebeth-el.net.

We are also assessing interest in a Mahjong Village, as well as a series of neighborhood Villages.

We have TWO New Villages! 










March 19th 2-4 P.M: Enon Ridge – Dynamite Hill

Birmingham Walks, our historic walking tour Village, is back by popular demand!

Join Michael Sznajderman for a walk beginning in “Dynamite Hill” and heading down the Enon Ridge Trail, ending at the historic Jewish cemeteries.

Email Michael at msznajde@southernco.com to let him know you’re interested. 

Don’t forget about these ongoing Villages…

Temple Beth El Foodies

(formerly Food, Family and Memory)

This ongoing Village gets together to schmooze and cook, both in members homes and for Temple functions. Those who participate this fall will learn how to smoke salmon for the annual Sisterhood sale! Equal opportunity; men and women welcome.

Email Esther at estherschuster1951@gmail.com to get involved.

Intentional Walking Village

Join Sheri Krell and Ellen Italiaander for the Intentional Walking Village the first Saturday of every month! The first walk will be a “parsha thought” walk and will be a gentle walk with time to stop and reflect on the parsha of the week. The second walk will be a more vigorous one. Walks leave at the following times from the upper parking lot:

8:45 – 9:30: Parsha Thought Walk
9:30 – 10:15: Exercise Walk

Let Sheri know you are interested at sheribkrell@gmail.com! No RSVP required.

Past Villages include…

Walk This Way: Intentional Walking Village

Birmingham Walks: Historic Walking Village

Jewish Humor Village

What the What? News Through a Jewish Lens

Food, Family and Memory