What’s a TBE Village?

TBE members who want to meet and get together in small groups with other members who have a common interest. Villages have a facilitator/member and are self directed and time limited.  

Meet new people! Learn new skills! Get engaged in TBE!  Anyone with an interest can pull together a TBE Village.

Two Villages are already up and running… Food, Family and Cooking and News Through a Jewish Lens…with lots of enthusiasm in both Villages!

Coming this fall…

Walking With Intention

Jewish Humor

Magic City History Walks

Shelby Neighborhood

And more!

Watch your TBE emails for new groups and sign up information.

Do you have an interest that you’d like to share with others? Let us know what it is and we’ll help you set up a Village. Reach out to Esther Schuster at estherschuster1951@gmail.com or Margaret Norman at mnorman@templebeth-el.net .