The strength of Temple Beth-El exists in the hearts and energies of our members. With this in mind, Temple Beth-El welcomes all congregants to BE Involved in a way that is meaningful and significant to them personally.

2021-2022 Lay Leaders

Cemetery (Care, maintenance & record keeping for TBE’s cemeteries) – Edward Goldberg/David Reznik

Budget/Finance – Steve Altmann

Chevra Kadisha (Preparation for Burial) – Abe Schuster

College Connection (Sending holiday goodies to our young adults) – Danielle Weintraub and Susan Lapidus

Civil Rights Experience – Margaret Norman and Melissa Young

Gen XYZ – Marsha Asman

House (Oversee upkeep of our spiritual home) – Ron Froehlich/Marvin Shelsky

Keruv (Inter-Everything Initiative)– Rebecca Milsap

Men’s Club (Social/Educational programming for men of all ages) – Alex Grodner

Minyan (Twice daily, 7 days a week) – Joshua Richman

Personnel – Julian Brook/Gary Weintraub

Programming  (Adult Education, Villages, Programming)– Esther Schuster

Ritual (Upholding Conservative Jewish laws) – Dani and Asher Kahn Krell

Security (Keeping our building and members safe) – Allen Halpern

Sisterhood (Social/Educational programming for ladies of all ages) – Arlene Fisher/Sue Lischkoff

[T]Be Involved Social Action (Helping others in the Greater Birmingham Community)

Technology – Alex Grodner and Evan Rhodes

Torah Reading (During Shabbat) – Naomi Ivker

Additional Temple Beth-El Committees/Governance

Finance Committee: This committee develops the operating budget and makes recommendations to the executive committee and Board of Directors regarding management and development of the temple’s financial resources. The Finance Committee evaluates expenses and needs and recommends financial policy as necessary.

Temple Beth-El Foundation: The Temple Beth-El Foundation was created to protect Temple Beth-El’s financial future through endowment and to enhance ongoing programming through a system of grants. The Foundation holds regular meetings and has its own Board and President, elected every two years. The current president is Keith Abrams. The Executive Director of the Foundation is Cathy Fingerman.

Nominating Committee: chaired by the immediate past president, and its members are selected by the chairperson. The committee is charged with developing a slate of officers and board members to present to the membership for voting at the annual meeting.

Sisterhood and Men’s Club at TBE

Sisterhood: Temple Beth-El Sisterhood has its own Executive Committee and Board and elects a representative to the TBE Board of Directors. The Sisterhood welcomes Jewish women, regardless of synagogue affiliation, and voted in recent years to make a category of membership available to non-Jewish spouses of members. The Sisterhood has many well known signature programs within the synagogue, such as Gala and the annual Yizkor Book and the Gift Shop, and contributes significant funds to the school, the youth department for travel subsidies, and to the synagogue. The current Temple Beth-El Sisterhood co-chairs are Arlene Fisher and Sue Lischkoff. Learn more about the Sisterhood »

Men’s Club: The Men’s Club of Temple Beth-El has over 150 members, most of whom attend programming regularly. The Men’s Club has its own Executive Committee and is represented on the TBE Board of Directors. Men’s Club membership is available to any male member of TBE who has reached the age of Bar Mitzvah. Major Men’s Club programs include the 5th Grade Tefilin program, World Wide Wrap and the providing of Yom HaShoah candles annually to all synagogue members, among many others. The Men’s Club also has a popular annual kickoff sports event each year. The current Men’s Club President is Allen Halpern. Learn more about the Men’s Club »