The purpose of the Men’s Club is to stimulate social activities among the members and in the community at large; to strengthen the involvement of the members in the life of the congregation; and to promote a more thorough knowledge and appreciation of Jewish life.

Second Annual Super Bowl Fundraiser – Feb. 2, 2020

What could be more fun than watching your favorite pro football team win out in the final weeks of the season? How about joining in and donating to the Second Annual Men’s Club Super Bowl Fundraiser! You’ll be a “guaranteed” winner! This annual Super Bowl raffle will help TBE Men’s Club support our congregation and Religious School. The net proceeds raised will be used to help provide for our Religious School and support the youth and congregational projects sponsored by your Men’s Club. Donate to the fundraiser here.


Meetings are held throughout the year with schmoozing and bagels followed by guest speakers from the fields of sports, finance, Internet, Middle East and more.

World Wide Wrap – We join Conservative congregations across the world in a Tefillin program on Super Bowl Sunday. An instructional film followed by hands-on training with instructors makes it easy for those who want to learn how to participate in this important Jewish ritual.

Yom HaShoah Yellow Candle Program – Our Men’s Club ensures that all households of our synagogue receive a yellow candle (yellow in color to recall the badges Jews were forced to wear in Nazi-occupied Europe) to be lit on the evening of Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day). We will never forget.

Beth-El Keychains – The Men’s Club provides keychains containing the meaningful Driver’s Prayer, to those who are just receiving their driver’s license. The presentation takes place while the recipient is called up to the Torah. Those who are already driving can join the Double Chai Safe Driver’s Club by purchasing (or your loved ones purchasing) a Beth-El keychain for $36.

Contact Men’s Club President, Allen Halpern, if you’d like more information on joining.

mens clubHow to Join

Dues are only $36 per year. Click here to join online or mail a check with your name, address, phone and email to:

TBE Men’s Club
P.O. Box 550220
Birmingham, AL 35255