TBE Foundation History

In March 1960, the Temple Beth-El Foundation‘s Articles of Incorporation were filed at the Jefferson County Court House. The following is a list of the Foundation’s “Founding Fathers”:

  • F.W. Nichols
  • Max Greenwald
  • Arnold Royal
  • James Permutt
  • Marshall Gordon

The corporation was organized for the exclusive purpose of “the religious training and education of the members of the congregation of Congregation Beth-El.” This corporation was charged with conducting the following activities:

To collect, solicit and receive from persons, firms and corporations, by gift, lands, buildings, bonds, shares or corporate stock, life insurance proceeds and invest and manage the same and disburse, at the direction of the Director, all income and corpus of said gift exclusively for the purposes stated.

The year that the Foundation was incorporated, Temple Beth-El was entering its second half century. Those five “founding fathers” had the vision and energy to develop a fiscal safe haven to insure the Temple’s future financial health.

The Temple Beth-El Foundation is classified by the IRS as a Tax Exempt Supporting Organization. A supporting organization operates exclusively to support and be responsive to their supported nonprofit entity (TBE).

The TBE Foundation makes an annual allocation to TBE to support special programs, employee salaries, and operational expenses. The amount of this allocation is determined annually based on the amount of the Temple’s request, the value of the Foundation’s assets and the projected return on those assets (including interest, dividends and capital appreciation). The Foundation allocated over $120,000 to the Temple for fiscal year 2017. In addition to this allocation, the Temple will also receive special allocations for building maintenance and programming, based on special requests of the TBE’s Board of Directors.

Email the TBE Foundation’s Executive Director, Cathy Fingerman.

  • Seth Wolnek – President
  • Keith Abrams – Vice-President
  • Arlene Fisher – Secretary
  • Eddie Denaburg – Treasurer
  • Marjorie Perlman – Immediate Past President
  • Julian Brook
  • Jimmy Filler
  • Susan Greene
  • Lisa Kianoff
  • Lanning Kline
  • Micky Rubenstein
  • Arthur Serwitz
  • Joyce Spielberger
  • Alan Weintraub
  • Melvin Zivitz
Listed below are a few methods for leaving a lasting legacy to Temple Beth-El, many of which can provide tax benefits to the donor. Please consult your tax advisor for specific advice and recommendations.

  • Bequests: Through your will you can make a planned gift to the Temple Beth-El Foundation without impacting your finances during your lifetime.
  • Life Insurance: Name the Temple Beth-El Foundation as beneficiary benefits of a life insurance policy. Relatively small annual premiums can result in a substantial gift to the Foundation.
  • Appreciated Assets: Selling stocks, bonds, securities, or real estate that have appreciated significantly in value may trigger substantial capital gains tax. However, contributing them to the Temple Beth-El Foundation may avoid the capital gains tax, and may allow an income-tax deduction. Appreciated assets can be a wise way to make charitable gifts. Again, please consultant your tax advisor for specific advice and recommendations.
  • Retirement Assets: Retirement Plan assets can generate significant taxes at death, and can therefore be a wonderful vehicle for charitable endowment gifts. Your tax advisor can help you determine whether you are a candidate for making a substantial retirement assets donation (pension, profit sharing, Keogh, IRA, 401(k), etc.).
  • Gift Annuity: Tax-deferred fund that generates a guaranteed income payable for the beneficiary of your annuity. This is done in partnership with the Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham
  • Charitable Remainder Trust: You can receive income from assets that are given to the trust for the rest of your life. After your lifetime, the balance remaining goes to the Temple Beth-El Foundation.

There are many opportunities to contribute to the Temple Beth-El Foundation. Listed below are suggestions for giving:

  • Named Fund: With a minimum contribution of $5,000, a congregant can create a named fund whose allocations could be designated for a specific purpose or for the general use of the Temple.
  • Add to an Existing Named Fund: Anyone can contribute to any of the Named Funds.
  • Add to the General Fund: Contributions can be made into the Foundation’s General Fund.
  • Add to the Deferred Maintenance Fund: This special fund provides for major repairs and renovations to the Temple building.
  • Add to the Cemetery Fund: This special fund is used to maintain Block 40 at Elmwood Cemetery.

These funds are often initiated to honor a special occasion, a special donor interest, as a memorial or a variety of other reasons. The $5,000 pledge can be paid over a three-year period. Once the entire $5,000 fee is paid in full a stone is engraved and displayed on the Donor Wall in the hallway.

For more information, please contact the Temple office at 205-933-2740. A member of the Foundation Board will return your call. Show that you are committed to Temple Beth-El’s goal of future financial solvency by making a perpetual symbol through your financial commitment to the Foundation.

As of the end of fiscal year 2017, we have 60+ funds with a combined value of over $4,500,000. These funds are:

Unrestricted Funds

  • Max and Lorayne Cooper Fund
  • Max Corenblum Fund
  • Rabbi Culpeper and Irby Cohen Performing Arts Fund
  • Israel Dombrow Fund
  • Louis Fleisher Fund
  • Malvin U. Goldstein Fund
  • Al and Sara Gordon Fund
  • Ted Levite Fund
  • Leonard and Pearl Lewis Fund
  • Anita and Julian Lichter Fund
  • Betty Redlich Fund
  • Elaine and Sigmund Rosen Fund
  • Margy and Albert Rosenbaum Fund
  • Razelle and Al Toranto Fund
  • General Foundation Fund
  • Montclair Residual Fund

Restricted Funds

  • Dalia and Keith Abrams Dues Assistance Fund
  • Suzanne and Howard Bearman Adult Education Fund
  • AC and Rebecca Berman Dues Assistance Fund
  • Bonfield Family Volunteer Recognition Fund
  • Brook Family Lay Leadership Fund
  • Etta Caine Kiddush Luncheon Fund
  • Ceitlin Family Kiddush Luncheon Fund
  • Myron “Pete” and Ann Z. Cohen Aron HaKodesh Fund
  • Heidi and Martin Damsky Teacher Training Education Fund
  • Reva and Joe Engel Young Adult Engagement Fund
  • Melba & Lige Epsman Cemetery Fund
  • Marissa Feigelson Memorial Fund
  • Roz and Victor Feigelson Religious School Fund
  • Murray Saul Fisher Cantorial Fund
  • Gladys and Karl Friedman Fiduciary Fund
  • Norris and Faye Friedman Cemetery Maintenance Fund
  • Charlotte and Paul Grodner Senior Adult Programming Fund
  • Ike Kanter Simchat Torah Fund
  • Kianoff and Katz Family Youth Activity Fund
  • Charles & Esther Kimerling Family Media Fund
  • Rabbi Randall and Michelle Konigsburg Ramah Scholarship Fund
  • Arnold & Florie Krell Childcare Fund
  • Maxine and Stanley Lapidus Special Projects Fund
  • Laufman Family Kiddush Fund
  • Lipsitz Family Education Fund
  • Marie B. Majeau Dues Assistance Fund
  • B. and Lynette Mazer Temple Beautification Fund
  • Chaja Nagrodzki Simcha Fund
  • Cantor Akiva & Helen Ostrovsky Music Education Fund Cantor
  • Marjorie Lynn Perlman Clergy Fund
  • Alva Permutt Beautification Fund
  • Perpetual Dues Fund
  • Jill Radwin Confirmation Trip Fund
  • Sanders/Levey Family Fund
  • Sam and Faye Shafferman Adult Education Fund
  • Meyer and Dorothy Shiland Adult Program Enrichment Fund
  • Ruth and Joseph Sikora Children’s Education Fund
  • Joe & Morris Sirote Enrichment Fund
  • Tenenbaum/Spielberger Tikkun Olam Fund
  • Simon and Henrietta Wolf Dues Assistance Fund
  • Yasher Koach Fund
  • Goldie and Sidney Ziff Education Fund
  • Goldie and Sidney Ziff Torah Repair Fund
  • Bessie and Nathan Zivitz Ramah Scholarship Fund
  • Cemetery Fund
  • Centennial Fund
  • Deferred Maintenance Fund
The following members have made us aware of provisions in their estate planning to include the Temple Beth-El Foundation as a beneficiary. These plans may include a bequest in a donor’s will, a gift of life insurance, or a gift of an interest in a retirement plan.

Sidney Ziff Legacy Circle

Honors donors who have provided documentation of a future gift for the Temple Beth-El Foundation valued at a minimum of $36,000.  Members of the Sidney Ziff Legacy Circle are recognized with an engraved stone on the Donor Wall in the hallway of the 21st Way entrance to Temple Beth-El.

    • Suzanne and Howard Bearman
    • Adrienne and Julian Brook
    • Candace N. Caine
    • Deborah Chargois
    • Caryn and Steven Corenblum
    • Charlotte and Max* Corenblum
    • Lisa and Alan Engel
    • Carol and Jimmy Filler
    • Rita* and Sol Kimerling
    • Ricki and Lanning Kline
    • Sheri and Jimmy Krell
    • Rita* and Sol Kimerling
    • Ricki and Lanning Kline
    • Sheri and Jimmy Krell
    • Lynette and J.B. Mazer
    • Judith Michaelson
    • Micky and Stanley Rubenstein
    • Judith and Edwin A. Rutsky
    • Maxine Sklute
    • Sandy and Morton Stern
    • Nan and Phil Teninbaum
    • Ilene and Allan Wilensky
    • Goldie* and Sidney* Ziff
    • Melissa and Melvin Zivitz


  • Additional Testamentary Gifts
    • Betty Anfanger
    • Anonymous
    • Harold Apolinsky
    • Bernard Axel
    • Faye and Sidney* Bernstein
    • Jerry Cherner
    • Karl Friedman
    • Ron Froehlich
    • Arlene and Milton Goldstein
    • Susan and Steven Greene
    • Colin Helman
    • Bettie Jaffe
    • Mary Kimerling
    • William Lischkoff
    • Julie Marks
    • Melvin Olshan*
    • Amy Sanders
    • Shmuel Sanders
    • James Schneider
    • Diane and Howard Slaughter
    • Ralph Sokol*


    *of blessed memory