How Will I Change the World This Year?

Isaiah 58:5 reads: “Is this the kind of fast I desire, a day of merely depriving one’s body? Is it not the sharing of your bread with the hungry, the bringing of the wretched poor into your home, or clothing someone you see who is naked, and not hiding from your kin in their need?”


Give Back This Holiday Season with [T]BE Involved Social Action Committee

Social Action High Holiday Drive


Use our one-stop form to donate to the following organizations, or bring cash and checks on Erev Yom Kippur to contribute before the start of the holiday! 


This year’s theme is WOMEN




  • A unique rehabilitation center that allows children to stay with their mothers during inpatient treatment.


> THE PAD PROJECT (National)


  • The Pad Project’s mission is to create and cultivate local and global partnerships to end period stigma and to empower women and all menstruators worldwide.


> RUACH NASHIT (International):


  • An Israeli organization that assists survivors of domestic violence.


flyer for take a sack 2022 5783


High Holiday Food Drive Begins September 15
Thank you to Ken and Vikki Grodner at the Hospitality Network Group at Keller Williams, who have graciously donated the bags again for the High Holiday Food Drive.



Don’t forget about our past High Holiday Charities! The following organizations have been vetted by [T]BE Involved Social Action and they encourage you to make additional donations.


Temple Beth-El High Holiday Philanthropy


2022 Women’s Issues:

– OLIVIA’S HOUSE*, unique rehabilitation center where children can stay with their mothers.
– THE PAD PROJECT*, end period stigma andempower all menstruators worldwide

–  RUACH NASHIT* Israeli organization assisting survivors of domestic violence

2021 Refugee Support:
– ALIRP Alabama Interfaith Refugee Project*

– Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society* (HIAS)

– IsraAid*

2020 COVID — N/A


2019 Homelessness:
– Family Promise*
– Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society* (HIAS)
– Yemin Orde*


– Faith in Action*
– IsraAID*

– Nechama*


– GBM*
– Habitat for Humanity*
– Women of the Wall or Hiddush*

– Baton Rouge Relief: Supporting an effort coordinated by the Jewish Federations of North America*

–  Anytown Alabama*
–  Mechon Shechter* / Schechter Rabbinical Seminary’s (SRS) Bet Midrash: Supporting programs to train Conservative rabbis and strengthen pluralism in Israel


– Masorti Foundation for Conservative Judaism in Israel*
– Birthwell Partners Community Doula Project*

– National Ramah* Tikvah Network


We’d also like to list:
– Heart Gallery*




In case you missed it… check out these photos from our Social Action trip to Selma!