How Will I Change the World This Year?

Isaiah 58:5 reads: “Is this the kind of fast I desire, a day of merely depriving one’s body? Is it not the sharing of your bread with the hungry, the bringing of the wretched poor into your home, or clothing someone you see who is naked, and not hiding from your kin in their need?”

The [T]Be Involved Social Action Committee encourages you to participate in our social action programs. Events are subsidized by the Chico Bomchel Memorial Social Action Fund at Temple Beth-El. Thank you for your support.


Kol Nidre Tzedakah Drive

The [T]Be Involved Social Action Committee invites you to set aside tzedakah for the Kol Nidre Tzedakah Drive. This year, we will make donations to the following organizations, all of which will have presenters on Sept. 14 during Shabbat. You may donate online and select “Kol Nidre Tzedakah” from the list of Temple Beth-El funds. Note one of the organizations below in the “Occasion/Special Note” field. Come hear more about how these three organizations are improving lives and how your contributions can help them make a difference.

Family Promise  is a local agency providing safe, home-like settings for homeless people working toward independence. Robert Russell is the speaker.

Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society  is an international organization working to protect refugees who have been forced to flee their homelands. Sharron Swain is the speaker.

Yemin Orde is an Israeli organization providing support for at-risk immigrant youth in Israel. Amy Saag is the speaker.


Ongoing Opportunities

Homelessness Prevention with Bridge Ministries

Temple Beth-El is partnering with Bridge Ministries to aid homelessness prevention in Birmingham. If you’d like to donate funds that will be given to Bridge Ministries for this cause, click here. Be sure to select the Chico Bomchel Memorial Social Action Fund and designate your gift for Bridge Ministries and Homelessness Prevention in the “occasion/special note” field.