Greater Birmingham Ministries Poverty Simulation

9:30 am, April 7, Temple Beth-El

Every year we read in the Haggadah “This year we are still slaves, next year free people”, but what does that actually look like in modern society?  Bring the lessons of Passover to life by joining us for Greater Birmingham Ministry’s Poverty Simulation, where we will step into the shoes of people living in poverty. Participants will be organized into “families” and assigned tasks to provide food, shelter, and other basic necessities during the course of a simulated month, broken up into four 15-minute “weeks.” It can help break down stereotypes and can leave a lasting impression. Appropriate for ages 12 and up. For more information and to RSVP, please email Dani Kahn-Krell.

Community Kitchens Easter Meal at Grace Episcopal Church, Woodlawn on April 21

The Jewish community will be hosting the Community Kitchens Easter meal on Sunday, April 21, at Grace Episcopal Church in Woodlawn. Click here to sign up to donate food items needed in advance, volunteer on Easter Sunday or make a financial contribution for the meal. Your support is much appreciated.

Dry food donated during the Passover holiday period should be dropped off at the Religious School, where it will be placed in a separate storage space from the building. Refrigerated goods should be dropped off at Community Kitchens. Contact the Temple office prior to making any delivery.

A Note From Rabbi Stephen Regarding This Year’s Meal

We are aware that this year Easter falls on the Second Day of Passover, a Jewish holiday. As a result, we do not expect people to change their own celebration of Passover in order to serve at Community Kitchens. However, there are still a number of ways you can support the cause and Community Kitchens prior to the holiday, as noted above. We want folks to know that the main responsibility of serving the meal does not need to fall on congregants who might be celebrating Passover. In addition, Debby Thomas has agreed to transfer the flame that will be used by the Jewish volunteers for cooking from a pre-existing flame.

Thank you all! –Rabbi Stephen

Homelessness Prevention with Bridge Ministries

Temple Beth-El is partnering with Bridge Ministries to aid homelessness prevention in Birmingham. If you’d like to donate funds that will be given to Bridge Ministries for this cause, click here. Be sure to select the Chico Bomchel Memorial Social Action Fund and designate your gift for Bridge Ministries and Homelessness Prevention in the “occasion/special note” field.