How Will I Change the World This Year?

Isaiah 58:5 reads: “Is this the kind of fast I desire, a day of merely depriving one’s body? Is it not the sharing of your bread with the hungry, the bringing of the wretched poor into your home, or clothing someone you see who is naked, and not hiding from your kin in their need?”

[T]Be Involved Social Action Committee encourages you to participate in our social action programs. Events are subsidized by the Chico Bomchel Memorial Social Action Fund at Temple Beth El. Thank you for your support.


The [T]Be Involved Social Action Committee and Rabbi Stephen are encouraging charitable giving in connection to our Jewish holidays. As the Talmud states, the mitzvah of tzedakah is equivalent to all the other mitzvot.

Community Care Day

Our Jewish Community Relations Council has a program they are hosting with You Belong in Birmingham. You Belong in Birmingham and the JCRC are partnering with the Offender Alumni Association to host a Community Care Day with and for the residents of Tom Brown Village (4165 5th Court North, 35222), Sunday, June 13th starting at 10:00 am. Volunteer duties include litter clean-up, food box delivery, gas fill-ups, and hospitality setup. Clean up will go to 1:00 pm and immediately following, volunteers and residents will come together for food and music to celebrate a job well done! We need at least 40 volunteers from our community so please sign up!

United Way has a Day of Action

Each year, United Way has a Day of Action. This year they have two volunteer opportunities for you to consider.
The Bryan Elementary School project will take place June 14-18 and we are in need of 100 volunteers! Volunteers are needed to help spread mulch in the playground. This is an important project for many reasons but particularly because one of the students from Bryan Elementary played a special role in bringing about an addition to the playground. This student advocated to have a swing installed that would allow children with physical disabilities the unique childhood experience of swinging on the playground. United Way Hands On worked alongside one of our corporate partners to help make that happen!
We also need volunteers to serve at our partner agency Community Food Bank of Central Alabama on June 22. Our friends at the Food Bank work tirelessly to end food insecurity in our community and they need your help! Due to the pandemic, food insecurity is still a major concern in our community. Volunteers are needed to help sort and package food donations. Sign up here.