How Will I Change the World This Year?

Isaiah 58:5 reads: “Is this the kind of fast I desire, a day of merely depriving one’s body? Is it not the sharing of your bread with the hungry, the bringing of the wretched poor into your home, or clothing someone you see who is naked, and not hiding from your kin in their need?”

[T]Be Involved Social Action Committee encourages you to participate in our social action programs.

Tornado Victim Relief

Donate to the Team Western Kentucky Tornado Relief Fund to help those impacted by devastating storms earlier this month.

Alabama Interfaith Refugee Partnership

Alabama Interfaith Refugee Partnership is supporting Afghan refugees arriving in Birmingham and they are partnering with Inspiritus, a Lutheran-affiliated refugee resettlement agency, which has recently opened an office in Birmingham. They will be resettling approximately six families. Monetary donations are still very much needed. You can contribute here. You can also contribute via an Amazon Wishlist.

Items will ship directly to their office – the shipping address is on the Amazon gift registry. After you add items from the wish list to your cart, when you go to select a shipping address “Inspiritus C/O Sara Galyon’s Gift Registry Address” will be one of the choices.

If you want to get even more involved, Inspirtus is seeking volunteers to help the families directly. They are assembling 8-member care teams, and each team will be assigned to work with one of the families. To learn more, contact Rebecca Rothman.

Warming Station Needs: Jan. 20-26

Each year, United Way has a Day of Action. This year they have two volunteer opportunities for you to consider.
How can you support Birmingham’s warming stations in these cold winter months? Here’s a message from our [T]BE Social Action Committee.
Because of this coming week’s forecast, a warming station will be provided at Boutwell this Thursday through the following Wednesday. All the meals are already covered. Right now there is a need for things like toilet paper and paper towels. These can be dropped off at the front door of Boutwell between 9 am and 3 pm. Contact Amy Allon at with questions.