The following information was adapted from The Art of Jewish Living by Dr. Ron Wolfson.

Pesach Appetizer

Here’s a wonderfully creative Passover appetizer idea for your guests to enjoy while gathering for the Seder.

The centerpiece of your appetizer tray is an avocado “froggy,” surrounded by “bullrush babes ‘n baskets.”

You’ll Need:

1 large ripe avocado

2 large red radishes


Plastic “google” eyes (or construction paper cut-out eyes)

1 dozen small eggs

1 jar of gefilte fishlets (drained)



Raw vegetables

Here’s How:

Cut out a V-shaped slice from the larger end of the avocado to form the frog’s mouth. Cut one radish in half to form eyes, slice a radish stick for the red tongue and attach with toothpicks to the avocado base. Use a dab of water to “glue” the google eyes to bring out the frog’s personality! Place the frog in a parsley-filled dish in the center of a large tray.

To make the “babes ‘n baskets,” hardboil a dozen small eggs. Cool, then slice them in half, removing the yolk. Your egg whites form the basket which you fill with one gefilte fishlet, each dabbed with horseradish.

Now, cut up raw vegetables—green peppers, radishes, carrots, celery, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, and mushrooms—and mound in a pleasing arrangement around the “froggy” and the “bullrush babes ‘n baskets.”



Pesach Personal Seder Plates

Here is a wonderful way to provide each of your Seder guests with an individual Seder plate.

For each personal Seder plate you plan to make, You’ll Need:

1 large shelled hard-boiled egg

1 radish with its stringy end (not the green end) still intact

2 cloves

2 slices of green pepper

1 slice of red pepper


Bed of parsley

3 gefilte fish balls


Here’s How:

The objective is to create a “bird” out of the required Seder plate objects. The shelled egg forms the body of the bird. Firmly press two cloves into the radish; these become the eyes. Attach the radish to the wider end of the egg using a toothpick; the point of the radish becomes the beak of the bird. Poke a toothpick through the center of the egg and place slices of green pepper on both sides to form the wings of the bird. Put one toothpick in the back of the egg and attach a piece of red pepper to form the tail. Place the entire bird on a bed of parsley. Add three gefilte fish balls and a dab of horseradish for decoration. If you like, you can also add a sliver of horseradish root.