Want to Chat with Rabbi Stephen?

Ever just wanted to check in and have a chat with the Rabbi? I love seeing you before and after services and in our study times. I also love just getting a chance to catch up by phone. Sign up for a check-in chat by following this link. I look forward to talking with you.

–Rabbi Stephen

If you’re interested in hosting or bringing food to Rabbi Stephen and family, be sure to view this guide: How to Host or Bring Food to Rabbi Stephen and Family.

Rabbi Stephen’s D’var Torah

Rabbi’s sermon page on YouTube is now up and running! Access sermons here: Rabbi Stephen Slater’s Sermons

Other archived D’Var Torah:

Rabbi Stephen Slater 06.22.19 sermon

Rabbi Stephen Slater Devarim Dvar Torah – 072118

Rabbi Stephen Slater Balak Dvar Torah – leadership – 6-29-18

Rabbi Stephen’s Installation Weekend Video