11 am-noon, SUNDAY mornings, once a month

This collection of programs are meant to support your physical, environmental, mental and spiritual well being. Judaism’s vision for a life well lived is a life of wholeness. Shalem means wholeness, healthy, harmony, total well-being. It is related to shalom, peace. Over this coming year we are intentionally hosting programs to support you in cultivating these values.

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Love and Ruach: Tapping Into Your Reiki Energy

11 am to 12:30 pm, Feb. 14

The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine recognizes Reiki as part of complementary and alternative medicine and places it within a domain called Energy Medicine. In this domain, therapies are based on the belief that disturbances in energy cause illness. Energy medicine practitioners seek to improve the flow and balance of energy in a beneficial way.

Instructor:  Terri Ann Heiman, Spiritual Counselor and Reiki Master Teacher. Terri helps women who are going through crisis (like divorce or starting over) who feel lost and disconnected by offering spiritual upgrades for their path. Through her Empowered Spirit Programs, she teaches them tools and techniques to regain their confidence and trust their inner guidance. She has been interviewed on ABC and published several times in Reiki News Magazine. Her first book, Confessions of a Shower Tapper – The Ultimate Guide to Living Your Purpose with EFT is available on Amazon.  She is the host of the podcast, The Empowered Spirit Show where she explores the connection to the human spirit in a way that helps to navigate your life. You can learn more about her work at her website: TerriAnnHeiman.com or you can give her a call at 516-457-3885.


Vitamin “J” Archives Available

Beth El member Ellen Italiaander held a four-week virtual program on Sunday mornings during the month of November. Each program includes a personal story on Ellen’s health and wellness journey. She shares some simple things that we can all add to our daily routine to affect a positive change in our lives, emotionally, mentally and physically.

View the videos online here.

Tikkun Middot Project

7 pm9 pm, third Tuesday of the month for 9 months, beginning Nov. 17

The Tikkun Middot Project is an innovative, national program to promote character development through mindful engagement with the Jewish Mussar tradition. Beth El is participating by building a small group that will meet to study, discuss and practice character-forming techniques. Created by the Institute for Jewish Spirituality, the purpose of the program is to bring positive communal change by helping individuals acknowledge and reduce concerning behavioral patterns.

The course will help you be more skillful at navigating challenging situations by building up your wisdom and compassion. Beginning Nov. 17, Rebbitzen Bethany will be leading a group through this program using curriculum created by Rabbi David Jaffe. What Kind of Commitment Is This? Participants will meet once a month for two hours over the course of nine months. In between sessions, participants will check in with a chavruta (study partner) at least once, to study relevant material and check-in for approximately 30-45 minutes. During each unit participants will learn about an action and a focus phrase they can use to help them work on the character trait for that month. This group will meet on the third Tuesday of each month for 9 months from 7 pm to 9 pm. Registration is required, and the group will close after the first session so that we can build intimacy as a group.

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If you have questions about this program, reach out to Bethany.