Conservative Judaism at Sinai!

7-11 pm, Tuesday, May 30

Our sages taught (in Bamidbar Rabba 13:15) that “there are seventy faces of Torah: Turn it around and around, for everything is in it.”

Stand with us as we receive the gift of Torah on Shavuot, and explore the understanding of our tradition through the lens of Conservative Judaism. Engage in the ongoing discussion of how to practice and connect to Judaism by means of unpacking Conservative Teshuvot (Responsa on Jewish Law).

The evening’s program begins with Ma’ariv at 7 pm followed by four 45-minute learning sessions. See schedule below.

Click here to read Rav Barry’s article on Shavuot published in the May bulletin.

Shavuot Service Schedule

Tuesday, May 30

Mincha: 5:30 pm

Candle lighting: 7:33 pm

Conservative Judaism at Sinai begins at 7 pm with Ma’ariv.

7:30–7:45 pm: Introduction by Rav Barry – “How Halacha Is Formulated in the Conservative Movement”

7:45–8:30 pm: “Driving on Shabbat and Yom Tov” presented by Rav Barry

8:30–9:15 pm: “Maximizing the Internet in a Jewish World” taught by Barry Dreayer and Julian Brook

(9:15–9:30 pm: Coffee and snack break)

9:30–10:15 pm: “Are Jews Who Accept Jesus as the Messiah Jews?” presented by Matthew Levey

10:15–11 pm: “Grieving and Premature Loss” taught by Barry Ivker

Wednesday, May 31

Shavuot I services: 9:30 pm

Maftir: Barry Ivker

Candle lighting: 8:41 pm

Mincha: 5:30 pm

Thursday, June 1

Shavuot II services with Yizkor: 9:30 am

Maftir: Chevra Kadisha

Mincha: 5:30 pm