memorial plaquesIt is the Jewish tradition to offer prayers in memory of our loved ones on the Hebrew Anniversary of their death.

The names of the loved ones will be called out during the Minyan Services, both evening and morning of that date and again on the following Shabbat evening and morning. Yahrzeit observers will receive reminder notifications from the synagogue office prior to the actual dates. It is customary to make a donation to the synagogue in memory of the loved ones whose Yahrzeit is being observed. We encourage you to attend the Minyan services when the name will be read to say Kaddish.

In the Main Sanctuary, the Synagogue has Yahrzeit Tablets or Memorial Plaques recording the Hebrew and English name of the deceased and the date of death. The plaques are located at the back of the sanctuary, and upstairs on the walls of the sanctuary balcony. Having a Memorial Plaque for a loved one ensures that Yahrzeit will be observed for them in perpetuity by our congregation.

On the Yahrzeit, or anniversary of the death, the lights next to the plaques of those whose death occurred on the same Hebrew date will be lit. All lights on the walls will be lit for the four annual Yizkor Services.

Plaques may be purchased for $360. In some cases members of the extended family will collect the funds for a plaque. Many congregants prepay and reserve plaques.

For further information about Memorial Plaques, contact the Temple Beth-El Office.