Save the Date: May 21, 2022 






We are very excited for this year’s annual recognition of a few of our most devoted volunteers. These individuals have gone the extra mile in serving our synagogue this past year. We will be celebrating with a TODAH theme, as we will honor this group with todahs and aliyahs at our regular Shabbat service with Rabbi Norry on Saturday, May 21.  A Kiddush luncheon will follow the service. We will be providing a Tribute Booklet that will give brief biographies and photos of each of our spectacular honorees.

A committee has selected this year’s three nominees, and they are:

Bernard Stern | Heavy Lifter Award 

 Karen Halpern | Jewish Inspiration Award 

 Aryn Wallsh | Young Leadership Award 

We  encourage you to show your appreciation for the honorees with a Tribute that will be listed in the booklet. Each tribute should honor all three honorees. Tributes are due by Sunday May 15.


Tributes to 2022 Volunteers


For help with your Tribute, please contact Barbara Bonfield phone(205) 999 3458 or Natalie Asman,

Contribute online here:

If you prefer to pay by check, you may make your check payable to Temple Beth-El and send it in with the wording of your tribute.


For a simple listing of your name, we ask a donation of  $18

1/8  of a page                                                                 $36

1/4  of a page                                                                 $54

1/2 of page                                                                     $72

Full Page                                                                        $100

Front or Back Inside Cover                                             $150


We will be happy to receive tributes in larger amounts and will recognize them appropriately.  If you would like to remain anonymous in your donation, we are happy to oblige. This is a wonderful opportunity to do a “double mitzvah” and honor our incredible volunteers and provide support to our beloved Temple Beth-El.