Interested in starting a Shabbat practice? Rebecca Rothman and Sharron Swain share these ideas and resources! 


Ideas for getting started…

  • Start small!
  • Plan to spend time with other people observing shabbat
  • Try it once and see how you feel
  • Read up on different ways to observe shabbat offline (See resources)
  • Go to shul
  • Turn off / Put away your computer & phone to reduce temptation
  • Have books (hard copy, not Kindle)  available 
  • You don’t have start going tech-free for the whole day… try starting just with Friday evening
  • Plan your shabbat in advance. Decide what you want your day to look like; what you’ll have for meals; if you’ll go to shul or see a friend. As you approach Shabbat, don’t leave things for “chance” on Friday night / Saturday.



24/6 By Tiffany Shlain

The Gift of Rest by Senator Joe Lieberman

How to Break up with Your Phone by Catherine Price

Here All Along by Sarah Hurwitz

The Art of Blessing The Day by Marge Piercy

Judaism’s Ten Best Ideas by Rabbi Arthur Green

Jewish with Feeling by Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi

The Sabbath by Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschl