Congregants who provide Temple Beth El with the names and dates of their loved one’s passing will receive a letter three to four weeks prior to the observance of the yahrzeit. If you have not received a notice and would like to, please contact the Temple Beth El office.

As the yahrzeit approaches, we encourage families to donate to the synagogue in their memory.

All names for the entire week are read during both Friday evening and Saturday morning Shabbat services.

When we are able to safely gather together, congregants who attend minyan on Monday morning, Thursday morning or Saturday afternoon can receive an aliyah and have the prayer known as El Malei Rahameem, God Full of Compassion, recited on behalf of their loved one. In the meantime, as the pandemic continues, Rabbi Stephen has determined that it is acceptable to say Kaddish d’rabbanan at the Friday evening Kabbalat Shabbat service after studying Torah and when 10 people are present on Zoom. If you are observing a Yahrzeit this week and would like to say Kaddish, please join us Friday night at 5:15 pm on Zoom. The Rabbi will lead you in this special Kaddish and will say the parts of Kaddish d’rabbanan that are unfamiliar.

If you do not know the Hebrew date of your loved one’s passing and do not wish to receive notices from the Temple, you may easily find out the date at HebCal where there is a link for yahrzeits.